Analysis of alum 1

I will compare the values with that of alum. If the reaction becomes too vigorous, remove the beaker from the water bath until the reaction subsides. The filtrate will contain excess barium nitrate as well as potassium and aluminum ions.

Preparation and Analysis of Alum

After a crop of crystals has formed, set up a vacuum filtration apparatus Help Me. When this heating step is over, cover the crucible and allow it to cool on the triangle to room temperature, and then reweigh the crucible, cover, and its contents.

Use your glass stirring rod to loosen any remaining solid that clings to the side. Record their mass in the Part 2 Data Table. Potassium produces a distinctive lavender flame that we can use as a qualitative test for the presence of potassium.

Alum is a general name for the type of compound in which many combinations of an alkali metal and ammonium or a trivalent metal such as aluminum, iron, or chromium.

This procedure duplicates how chemists characterized chemical reactions until the late 20th century, and in some cases chemical means of characterization are still the only methods available. For the first few minutes gently heat only the light blue portion of the flame touches the crucible the crucible by holding the Bunsen burner off to the side.

So, each week will have its own title, statement of purpose, etc. Remember that a hot crucible looks exactly the same as a cool crucible. One of these influences is the obtainment of impurities into the sample being tested.

If it is dry enough to remove from the filter, the solid will not be very sticky and will have the consistency of fine sand.

Preparation and Analysis of Alum

That is how I will calculate the percent sulfate in alum and compare it to the value of its formula. Set up a ring stand, ring clamp and porcelain triangle, as your instructor will demonstrate.

A small quantity of alum is powdered and placed in a capillary tube which is attached by a rubber band to a thermometer bulb.

The Formula, Synthesis, and Analysis of Alum

The solution is corrosive. Remove the watch glass from the oven and set it aside to cool. This reaction also produces a complex covalent bond between the potassium, aluminum, sulfate, and water.

The most likely source of error is that not all of the water was driven off during the heating.

The Formula, Synthesis, and Analysis of Alum

This would have affected the entire sample of alum, and therefore changed the melting point of both trials.Preparation and Analysis of Alum 1.

Authors: D. L. McCurdy, V. M. Pultz and J. M. McCormick* Last Update: August 21, Introduction. One of chemistry’s goals is to be able to transform any set of substances (the reactants) to another set of substances (the products) through a chemical reaction.

Lab 2: Analysis of Alum

Revision An Analysis of Common Alum Analysis of the Water Content of the Sample 1. Obtain a crucible and lid. Support your clean crucible and lid on a clay triangle and heat with an Add at most 1 g of the Alum crystal to the crucible, replace the lid, and record the combined mass.

Sep 15,  · Analysis of alum Part 2: Determination of the Water of Hydration in Alum Crystals Analysis of alum Trial 1 Trial 2 Trial 3 Mass of crucible and cover (g) From the mass of anhydrous alum remaining in the crucible after heating and its formula, AlK(SO4)2, calculate the moles of anhydrous alum in the original sample.

Enter this value in the Part 2 Data Table. Lab report on synthesis of Alum using Aluminum. 1. Purpose: In this experiment, you will be converting the aluminum metal from a beverage can into the chemical compound potassium aluminum sulfate, KAl(SO4)2•12 H2O, commonly referred to as alum.

Data and Calculations: In this lab, a beverage can is used to get aluminum sheet and then. Analysis of Alum Andy Glodowski Ap Chem Hour 6 Part 1. This experiment was to find the MP of Alum. This was done by heating g 1 Alum.2 M 1 L = ml * 2 = ml 1 mol SO4 = g 1 mol BaSO4 = g g / g = % % sulfate in BaSO4 = % % of sulfate evaporated.

Analysis of alum 1
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